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《The UN-The Power of Words》Work for Peace PPT教學課件

《The UN-The Power of Words》Work for Peace PPT教學課件 詳細介紹:

《The UN-The Power of Words》Work for Peace PPT教學課件《The UN-The Power of Words》Work for Peace PPT教學課件《The UN-The Power of Words》Work for Peace PPT教學課件《The UN-The Power of Words》Work for Peace PPT教學課件

《The UN-The Power of Words》Work for Peace PPT教學課件




What does the UN stand for ? 

... ... ...

The UN-The Power of WordsPPT,第二部分內容:課文呈現


·Words or war—which do you think is more powerful?

·Do you know there is an international organization which tries to prevent war?

What is its name?

In the early twentieth century,people suffered through many wars. When World War Ⅱ was over,an organization called the United Nations (the UN) was formed to help countries talk about their problems instead of ❶ fighting. That was in 1945.

Today there are 193 member states in the UN. The headquarters of the UN is in New York City. The head of the UN,chosen by all the member states,is called the Secretary­General. The UN Security Council has fifteen members,five of which❷ are permanent members—China,France,Russia,the U.K. and the U.S.

Many times since 1945,the UN has sent armies to keep peace between two fighting countries. It helps the situation,but sometimes it is not successful.

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The UN-The Power of WordsPPT,第三部分內容:知識講解


instead of代替;而不是……

eg:We'll ask Li Mei instead of Mary.


instead和instead of的辨析



I don't like singing.

I like dancing instead.


instead of


You should go out to play instead of working indoors.你應該到外邊去玩,而不是在屋里工作。

Miss White doesn't like buying nice clothes. She likes buying story­books ______.

A.either     B.too

C.instead   D.instead of



數詞+of which ……中的……



eg:I have five books,two of which are English books.   


Ten students were killed in the accident,eight of whom were girls.



It is+形容詞+for sb.+to do sth.


eg:It is difficult for me to finish the work today.


It's+adj.+for sb.+to do sth.和

It's+adj.+of sb.+to do sth.的辨析

... ... ...

The UN-The Power of WordsPPT,第四部分內容:Let's Do It !

1)What do you know about the UN?Read the lesson and fill in the mind map.

The Secretary-General

to help countries talk about their problems

193 member states

the headquarters

To keep peace between two fighting countries

fifteen members in the UN Security Council

2) Here is a speech that was given at a UN meeting. 

Read the speech and fill in the blanks with the words in the box.

situation agreement satisfy Secretary­General

Mr.________________,my fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great honour for me to stand here❺and speak to you all. We know this is no ordinary time for our people. Each of us comes here with our own problems. Sometimes we cannot reach an __________.Sometimes the ________ is very serious. And most of the time,we cannot ________ everyone. But it is not impossible!We should work together to make the world a better place to live.

More peace,less war!

... ... ...

The UN-The Power of WordsPPT,第五部分內容:課堂練習


1.We are sorry to hear that you are not ________ (satisfy) with your new car.(揚州)

【點撥】句意:聽說你對你的新車不滿意我們很遺憾。be satisfied with…是固定結構,意思是“對……滿意”。故填satisfied。

2.He laughed at us instead of ________(lend) a hand.

3.We all hope the peace will ________(last) forever.

4.The head of the UN ____________(choose) by all the member states.

5.In the early __________(twenty) century, he went abroad.


instead of,be satisfied with,suffer from,

in a dangerous situation,however

6.Do you often ________________ headaches?

7.I give him some advice ______________ money.

8.He tried his best to solve the problem; ________, it was  difficult.

9.They seemed to ________________ our work.

10.Not everyone can keep calm_____________________.

... ... ...

The UN-The Power of WordsPPT,第六部分內容:課堂小結



(2)重點短語:instead of

(3)重點句式:It is + 形容詞或名詞+ for sb. + to do sth.




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